The gender bending, glam-rock God iOTA is back in a brand-new, sexy-as-hell, theatrical concert experience. The award-winning star of international smash-hits Smoke & Mirrors, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and The Rocky Horror Show, iOTA brings his signature rock ‘n’ roll, vaudeville style, to this daring new stage production, B-Girl.

Directed by Craig Ilott and jointly written by Ilott and iOTA, Blazey Best stars alongside iOTA as B-Girl, a troubled young woman trapped in a bleak reality. As her situation worsens, she conjures up a vivid glam-rock fantasy where she escapes into the world of her alter ego Clifford North (iOTA), a rising star who represents everything she isn’t – powerful, sexy and in-control.


Sydney – The Playhouse, Sydney Opera House
3-21 June 2015


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